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Disney WOW World of Wonder 1 Review

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PROS / The Disney TV calibration disc has the tools and easy-to-follow instructions to help you properly calibrate your HDTV.

CONS / Similar discs have more calibration tools; you might feel a little childish with some of the animated videos.

 VERDICT / A good calibration disc with great tools and calibration, but some users may feel childish with the Goofy video.

Disney released their WOW World of Wonder TV calibration Blu-ray disc to help home viewers adjust their HDTVs’ picture and sound, with a nice set of video and audio tools. It earns our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award based on the calibration tools, thorough instructions and easy-to-follow tutorials Though one tutorial hosted by Goofy will leave you feeling childish, it's certainly more entertaining than any other TV calibration tutorials you can find elsewhere, thanks to the Disney movie clips added in.

Ease of Use

Disney constantly strives to deliver Blu-ray discs of the highest quality in picture and sound, and the WOW World of Wonder TV calibration disc shares that quality. But all those video test patterns and audio test signals wouldn’t do you any good if there weren’t any tutorials or demos.

Fortunately, Disney has provided easy-to-follow video tutorials and a special manual with illustrated examples of how the test patterns should look when calibrating your HDTV. You don’t need to be an expert to use the Disney WOW World of Wonder TV calibration disc, but you’ll certainly feel like one.

There are three different sections found within the Disney WOW World of Wonder disc, including Discover, which gives you everything you need to know about home theater; Optimize, where you’ll find the video and audio calibration tools and tutorials; and Experience, with beautifully shot demo clips, and footage from a variety of Disney live action and animated films and shows.

When it comes to the TV calibration tools, there are three subsections, Beginner, with instructions and basic tools; Advanced, with tutorials and every tool needed for calibrating your HDTV and sound; and Expert, which removes the tutorials.

Once you’ve mastered calibrating your HDTV and surround sound system, you can skip through the tutorials by jumping straight to the Expert mode, with the video test patterns and audio test signals. No need to sit through them each time you calibrate.

In the Discover section, there’s a video called "Home Theater Basics" where Goofy, the well-loved Disney character, walks you through terms and information regarding HDTVs, surround sound systems and everything else that makes up a home theater system. You may feel a little silly while watching this, but others may enjoy seeing an “old friend” from their childhoods.

Calibration Tools

While the Beginner section has only a handful of tools to calibrate your HDTV’s picture and sound, the Advanced section expands it to many common test patterns, such as color bars, tools for adjusting brightness and contrast, and more.

There are also a number of HDTV evaluation tools that are used to make sure the image is displaying correctly. While the tools we listed above calibrate your HDTV’s color, brightness, sharpness, etc., these tools make sure the aspect ratio is correct (such as 16 x 9 widescreen), the image isn’t getting cut off and more.

There’s also a solid selection of audio tools to test and calibrate your HDTV’s sound, along with a surround sound system. However, there are a couple of discs on our list with more audio test signals than the Disney WOW World of Wonder TV calibration disc has.

The Expert section, as we mentioned earlier, has all the tools, but without the instructions. We also recommend you calibrate your HDTV every few months. You probably will only need to perform a few tweaks following the initial calibration.

There are quite a few other tools, which Disney lists on the WOW World of Wonder webpage. You will also find a list of HDTVs that the TV calibration disc supports, such as LED, LCD, plasma, DLP, projector, OLED (organic LED) and CRT.

There is also a blue filter that comes with the Disney WOW World of Wonder TV calibration disc. This is held up to your eyes while adjusting the video settings, making it easier to calibrate the picture.

Video Resolution

The Disney WOW World of Wonder TV calibration disc is mastered in 1080p and ships on a Blu-ray disc, so it’s perfect for adjusting the picture and sound on HDTVs. If you have a standard-definition television (SDTV), Disney also has an SD DVD version of their TV calibration disc.

We know we’ve been driving it home, but we can’t stress it enough: if you’re using a DVD to calibrate an HDTV, and vice-versa, you won’t get an accurate video or audio adjustment. High definition and standard definition have many differences, such as resolution and how color is processed.

Help & Support

As mentioned above, Disney provides help through tutorials and the manual. If your disc fails or isn’t working properly, Disney will replace it with a new copy, as will the online or brick-and-mortar store you purchased it from.


The Disney WOW World of Wonder TV calibration Blu-ray disc has many of the tools needed to properly adjust your HDTV’s picture and sound. While similar discs have a few more tools, the ones included are great for calibration. The video hosted by Goofy may leave some of you feeling silly but others may enjoy seeing the popular Disney character.